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ARG, Inc
Liz Hajek
Statewide Positions TX Across Texas
United States
210-497-4331Main Phone
ARG, Inc Liz Hajek
Liz is an RN, BSN and has been in the staffing healthcare industry for over 15 years. Her focus and area of expertise is the placement of all levels of healthcare employees, from top management to allied health professionals. She has worked as a staff nurse in the ER and ICU dealing with life and death issues and knows that responding in a timely matter for the well being of the patient and family members is critical.

In the staffing industry, she found herself dealing with issues and having to respond to client and applicant needs quickly and in a time matter as well. As Director of Clinical Services for a staffing agency, she was responsible for marketing, sales, advertisement, recruitment, managing, and supervising "in-office" employees and our field staff employees. After many years in the agency world, she then ventured back into the hospital setting and worked as a Nurse Recruiter and Retention Manager. "I can relate to both sides of the employment world and am very understanding and proactive to the sense of urgency when dealing with client and applicant needs. I have made "recruiting talent" and "matching talent" between clients and prospective employees my life's work."