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Mink Newsletter October 2012

Mink Newsletter July 2012.

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J-1 Waiver CONRAD State 30 Program
Each state has the ability to sponsor up to 30 physicians each year for J waivers. Almost all states sponsor primary care physicians, and a rapidly increasing number of states sponsor specialists.
Doctors With Dings® Inc: Career assistance for Doctors with blemishes on their record
Doctors With Dings® Inc. provides support to physicians and other licensed healthcare providers who have suffered a ‘career accident.’
At Outset of Careers, Medical Students Already Concerned About Workloads
As students enter the workforce, many have negative views of their future day-to-day work lives as physicians, shown by a multi-school study led by the University of Michigan Health System.
Job Seekers: Seven Deadly Sins of Job Interviews
What you should AVOID on an interview
Job Seekers: Dealing with a Job Interview After Being Fired
One of the most frequent concerns upon termination is how to explain you are no longer working at your previous employer.
Job Seekers: How Do You Handle Salary?
Money is never an easy topic to discuss. Most of us don’t know what our parents, siblings or best friends earn. It’s just NOT discussed easily.
Job Seekers: Job Offers
Once the preparation is done, the interviewing process is complete and your follow-up is finished, what comes next?
Job Seekers: Preparing For Your Interview - PART ONE
Nine Important Things to do Before an Interview: Part 1
Job Seekers: Preparing For Your Interview - PART TWO
Nine Important Things to do Before an Interview: Part 2
Job Seekers: Ten Tips to a Successful Interview
Interviews are often designed to be the second part of the interviewing process.
Job Seekers: Character Traits to Project During Your Interview
Image and first impressions are critical during your interviews! You need to think about what image you want to create and how you will successfully accomplish that task.